Rock Star’s Eerie Disappearance Still Haunts Fans and Family

Cam Norris

In the 1970s, Philip Taylor Kramer was the bassist for the rock band Iron Butterfly. He played with the psychedelic rock band from 1974 through 1980 before leaving the group to pursue a career in computer science. He became an inventor and aerospace engineer and helped the US develop the …

The Notorious Nationalmuseum Robbery

Cam Norris

On December 22, 2000, a group of armed men orchestrated an elaborate and violent heist in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden. The thieves utilized a shocking combination of misdirection and the threat of direct violence to make off with three priceless masterpiece paintings. Authorities recovered the paintings in 2005, but …

The Tylenol Killer: Unsolved Case Still Haunts US

Cam Norris

If you’ve ever purchased a bottle of Tylenol from your local pharmacy, you might have noticed a few unusual things about it. Every bottle of medication in the US comes with a tamper-proof seal, a piece of foil glued to the lid that indicates the bottle is safe to purchase. …

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