$200k Reward Offered to Catch Fugitive Jason Derek Brown


Jason Derek Brown is considered extremely dangerous, which may be one reason the FBI is offering up to $200,000 for information leading to his arrest.

He got away with $56,000 during an armored car robbery and took the life of Robert Keith Palomares, a 24-year-old guard, outside a movie theater in Phoenix, AZ, in 2004.

A Murderous Mystery

Nearly 15 years later, Brown is still on the run from authorities. He is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. He has ties to Phoenix, where he committed the heinous act, as well as California and Utah.

Shortly after being identified as a suspect in the robbery and murder, Brown fled to Henderson, Nevada. He then fled to Las Vegas, where he swapped his BMW for a black Cadillac Escalade he had in storage. After that, he stayed with relatives until December 6, 2004, which is where FBI agents missed him by two hours.

Once he left his relatives, authorities believe he used his credit card at a gas station in Orange County and traveled to San Diego near the Mexican border. He then made his way to Portland, Oregon, where he has become a ghost. Brown has gone totally off-grid and remains at large today.

Searching for Jason Derek Brown, the Fugitive

The FBI has received more tips regarding Brown’s whereabouts than any other top-ten fugitive. With his surfer look and ability to blend in, many of the leads have proven to be false, including the arrest of a body double for Sean Penn who authorities mistook to be Brown. In fact, Brown has a striking resemblance to Sean Penn and authorities believe he is hiding in plain sight.

Brown was born on July 1, 1969, and is now 50 years old. The last confirmed sighting of Brown was in August 2008, when a former classmate spotted him at a traffic light. Brown sped away from the area, and the witness told authorities he had longer hair and darker brown tan compared to what was shown on the 2004 wanted poster.

Authorities believe he may be hiding among a Mormon community under a different identity, or that he has fled the country to France or Thailand. Brown speaks fluent French and has a master’s degree in International Business. Known aliases include Jason D. Brown, Derek Brown, Greg Johnson, Harline Johnson, Greg Harline Johnson, John Brown, and Jay Brown.

If you have information regarding him or his whereabouts, contact the FBI tip line at 1-900-CALL-FBI or your nearest American Embassy or Consulate.