Coronavirus and Law Enforcement: What’s Going On

Numerous reports from multiple states are gaining media traction suggesting that police are too busy and too understaffed to report to calls that are not considered an emergency. Interrogations are being held over the phone or through thick glass, preventing law enforcement from reading body language, or properly connecting with suspects.

All over the world, law enforcement from every agency, from local to federal, are struggling. In Detroit alone, at least 180 of the 2,800 staff tested positive, with over 1,000 quarantining themselves at some point since the start.

The truth is law enforcement isn’t immune to the virus, they are just like us. Things like sanitizing a police cruiser after a call take time, and it’s eating into resources agencies that are already stretched thin don’t really have to give.

Experts tell us that we can expect a rise in crime during this time, as police struggle with being unable to manage the active caseload. There’s nothing that can be done – no magic wand to keep people safe. Be smart, be safe, and pay attention to those around you.