Crime News: Diana Brice and Boyfriend Not Seen In a Week


Diana Brice, a Pennsylvania woman who is 14 weeks pregnant, hasn’t been seen in a week, according to authorities. The 21-year-old was last seen in a heated argument with her boyfriend, Justin Smith, 23. Upper Darby Township Police have confirmed that the couple were last seen in a laundromat on March 30, around 1 PM, before storming out.

Roughly two hours after leaving the laundromat, Smith’s vehicle was found wrapped in flames on the side of a Philadelphia street. The car was searched by police after the fire was extinguished. No one was found inside, though the vehicle may have held some clues as to where the couple may have gone. As of the time of this writing, both Brice and Smith are missing, and police are looking for any clues as to their whereabouts.


Brice’s mother, Betty Cellini, spoke to local reporters about the disappearance. She says that she recently spoke to Smith on the phone, apparently before his disappearance, and he confided that his girlfriend barely wanted to speak with him. “He goes, ‘She don’t want to even talk to me.’ I said, ‘I don’t care; she’s pregnant with your child,'” Cellini says of the conversation.

It is unclear where the two could have gone following the fire, or if both were present when the car was set alight. It is also unknown if either of them are in danger, though authorities seem to think this could be the case. Brice has a medical condition that requires daily medication, according to family. As such, she could be in serious danger, even if she is unharmed, as she likely has not had her medication if she has been missing for a week.


Both Brice and Smith are considered missing. When last seen, Brice was wearing black sweatpants, a black T-shirt, and brightly colored UGG slides with pastel blue, yellow, and pink tones. The Pennsylvania native is reportedly 190 pounds, four-foot eleven, and has several tattoos. Her tattoos include a Mickey Mouse glove on her left forearm, rose tattoos on her right ankle and left shoulder, and the words “My Brother’s Keeper” on her chest. Police also note that she has a black heart tattooed on her right hand, and the word “Nanny” tattooed on her left shoulder.

Anyone with information on Smith or Brice’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Upper Darby Police Department Detective Division at (610) 734-7677.