Studies affirm that crime actually does get worse in the summer. It’s not just an urban legend. This year has already been a pretty wild ride, and tensions are already high and ready to boil over.

There may be a couple of straightforward answers as to why this spike occurs. It’s daylight longer, meaning that people are out and about. People go on vacation, leaving their homes open and susceptible to robbery. Windows are open with just screens protecting entry.

When you go on vacation, try to have lights on timers that mimic when you are home, and when you usually go to bed. Have a neighbor collect your mail, and ask them to keep an eye out. Simple nails in screen windows can make them harder to open.

Try to keep the windows shut in rooms that you aren’t using. Use alarm tapes and triggers, and make sure that you bring everything inside, even if you are only planning to be away for a few minutes.