Feds Bust 3 Cold Case Murder Suspects, Find Massive Pot and Cash Stash

Almost 9 years ago, authorities made the connection between a man who went missing and a body burned beyond recognition, but then the case went cold. Now federal authorities have located and charged three men with murder, as well as seized 213 pounds of weed and $200,000 in cash at suspects’ home.

Café owner goes missing in 2011

On October 31, 2011, 30-year-old Joshua Rubin, the owner of West Café in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn was reported missing in New York City. According to sources, at the time of his Halloween disappearance, Rubin owed some $14,000 to creditors.

But the story took a different turn on November 1, 2011, in Pennsylvania, when law enforcement found a body that was burned beyond recognition on Applewood Drive in South Whitehall Township.

After DNA testing, authorities were able to identify the remains as those of Joshua Rubin.

Murdered over weed, shot, and then set ablaze

Investigators have put together the puzzle of why and how Joshua Rubin was killed in 2011. They say not only do they know what happened, but they have arrested three individuals they believe were responsible.

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors brought charges against Gary Robles, 37, of Staten Island; and Kevin Taylor, 27, and Michael Mazur, 26, both of Brooklyn, in the 2011 killing of Joshua Rubin.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the federal prosecutors allege the three men attempted to rob Rubin of marijuana in a Brooklyn apartment. Ruben was shot in the chest and died from the gunshot wound.

Authorities allege that, after the shooting, the trio of men took Rubin’s body to South Whitehall Township in Pennsylvania where they then set his corpse on fire, spraying on an accelerant in order to ensure an intense blaze.

The trigger man who fired the fatal shot into Rubin’s chest has been alleged as being Gary Robles, according to the New York Daily News.

Damning evidence

The identification of the three suspects comes as a result of eight years of investigative work between the Lehigh County’s Homicide Task Force and the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn. Both have shared information with one another, including cellphone and E-Z Pass records that tracks and establishes the movements of the suspects, which allegedly places them at the scene of the murder.

Using surveillance video, law enforcement produced damning evidence. Video clips reportedly show that the trio of men made a stop at a Home Depot store on the way to Lehigh County, where they torched Rubin’s body, to purchase items that were later found at the scene of the burning.

These items included latex gloves, garbage bags, and a trashcan.

Suspects busted with 213 pounds of weed and $200,000 in cash

When authorities raided the Brooklyn home that two of the suspects share, they found more than they bargained for.

Inside the home that suspects Kevin Taylor and Michael Mazur cohabitate, federal authorities seized 213 pounds of marijuana and roughly $200,000 in cash.

Allegedly, the suspects are also and the drug-dealing business, selling large quantities of weed from the house.

Suspects face the death penalty

The three suspects appeared in court for an arraignment on Tuesday, where each man pleaded not guilty.

All three were ordered held without bail and all face the death penalty if convicted.