We all know that summer brings ants and other crawling nasties. When ants are having a Conga line across your kitchen counter, it may be tempting to just hire the first contractor you can find.

But beware! There are some scammers out there. They can be worse than the bugs, and end up costing you a lot more down the road—and not just with money.

Legitimate exterminators will be fully licensed and bonded for any damages. They are handling lethal chemicals. Let them know if you have any children or pets so they know to make sure that the traps aren’t accessible.

Make sure that the person that comes to your door is the same licensed professional you spoke with. Crooked exterminators will have the licensed employee do the walkthrough and then send the cheaper unlicensed person to do the work.

Always check with the Better Business Bureau and try to find some honest reviews before you sign on the dotted line.