Investigators Hope New DNA Tech Can Solve Teen’s Murder After 25 Years

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This week marks 25 years since 14-year-old Jenny Lin was stabbed to death in her home after returning from school. Cold case investigators are hopeful that advances in DNA technology can help crack this cold case.

25 years ago: Teen murdered in her home

On May 27, 1994, only two days after her fourteenth birthday, Jenny Lin returned home from school. Jenny was a talented musician who played the viola and was a straight-A student at Canyon Middle School.

On that day after school, someone stabbed Jenny to death in her own home in Castro Valley, California.

A perfect crime?

Whoever the killer was, that individual seems to have committed a flawless crime. They have left very little information for detectives with the Alameda County Sheriff’s to use in identifying a suspect.

In fact, despite investigators working relentlessly on the case for two and a half decades, no suspects have been positively identified.

Authorities hope DNA advances can identify the suspect

DNA technology has made astonishing advances in recent years. Cold case investigators with the Alameda County Sheriff’s office are hopeful for the future. Such advancements may provide the breakthrough they need to solve this 25-year-old murder.

Sheriff Gregory Ahern said his detectives believe the killer may have touched objects at the crime scene and they may be able to pick up traces of DNA that could not previously be detected.

“Our office purchased the M-Vac System known for its advancements in DNA collection,” Sheriff Ahearn told KRON4. “Most recently, we collaborated with the FBI Laboratory to ensure the latest technology is utilized in this case.”

Other recent advances in forensic DNA technology now give investigators the ability to separate DNA from the same pool of blood, such as the victim and the perpetrator.

The Sheriff’s Office remains committed to bringing justice to Jennifer and advances in technology could further the investigation in ways not previously possible, potentially identifying a suspect.

$100,000 reward hasn’t produced a suspect

A $100,000 reward has been in place for years for information that might lead to the arrest and conviction of Jenny’s killer.

However, even with this large incentive to draw someone out from the public who may know something – no breakthroughs have occurred.

Additional reward of $10,000 offered

In addition to the $100,000 reward already in place, a second reward of $10,000 has also been offered by the Jenny Lin Foundation.

You can learn more by going to The Jenny Lin Foundation online.

They are urging anyone who may have any information at all which might help investigators solve the case. No matter how insignificant it may seem, to make contact through the telephone numbers and email below.

Toll Free Hotline: (855) 4-JENNY-LIN

Alameda County Sheriff: (510) 667-7721