Justice for Hannah Miller: Wisconsin Authorities Searching for Ex-Boyfriend and Accomplice


Authorities in Wisconsin are actively searching for a man accused of convincing a friend to help him assault his ex-girlfriend. Christopher Terrell Anderson, the man in question, is thought to have brutally attacked his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Miller. Miller, 26, was found by authorities on June 30 on the side of a road, dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

The discovery was made after couple driving through Oneida County saw a man in a green hoodie speaking with a woman near the back of an SUV on the shoulder of River Bend Road. The couple contacted police when they drove back by the spot they’d seen the two talking and saw a body in the ditch.

Police Searching for Ex-Boyfriend

“We would consider him very dangerous and very much want to get him in custody,” Oneida County Sheriff Grady Hartman told reporters on Friday. Miller and Anderson were together for four years and had a child together. They had broken up only recently, with Miller’s friends telling reporters that Anderson was often physically abusive to her.

This attack, tragically, did not come out of thin air; Miller contacted the Rhinelander Police Department on June 2 to file a criminal complaint that Anderson had “borrowed” her car and failed to return it. While filing the report, Miller confided in the officer that she feared for her life because of Anderson’s threats of violence against her.

Investigation Leads to Accomplice

Anderson’s friend, Seth Wakefield, was identified by investigators as an accomplice in the murder. Wakefield had receipts for renting a moving truck on June 24 that was used to surveil Miller’s residence, with investigators alleging that Wakefield would signal to Anderson if an opportunity to attack Miller presented itself.

Investigators allege that Wakefield was expecting to be financially compensated for his role in the crime, telling authorities that he knew Anderson had “resources of some kind.” The night before the murder, Wakefield stayed at Anderson’s residence, and investigators allege that he was aware Anderson was leaving that day to carry out the killing.

Justice for Hannah, Closure for Her Family

Hannah Miller gave birth to a daughter in 2019 and was an aspiring dental assistant. She is survived by her parents. Friends of Miller’s told reporters that she was a very “dedicated” mother and that her bond with her daughter was inspiring.

While Wakefield has been arrested, Anderson remains at large. Anyone with information on Anderson’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.