Here’s an offer that’s too good to refuse…especially if you are a super fan of cold cases, active fugitives, and true crime.

There is a new streaming company that’s offering $1000 to someone to watch 24 hours of its true crime documentaries – could it be you?

Get paid $1K to do what you love: Watch true crime!

You’d be doing it anyway, right? So why not get paid! That’s the idea behind an offer from a new documentary streaming service MagellanTV that wants to pay one person $1000 simply to watch 24 hours worth of its documentaries on true crime.

Plus, the company is offering for other bonuses. Overall, that works out to viewing about 16 true crime documentaries from the streaming service.

“Crime doesn’t sleep… But it pays,” says the advertisement from streaming service, adding that “MagellanTV wants to hire a true crime fanatic and put them to the test.”

But don’t worry – you don’t have to watch the streaming documentaries for 24 hours straight (although they would prefer if you did). The company says it is allotting the chosen individual 48 hours to complete the task.

However, their advertisements and Twitter posts do seem to indicate that they want the individual to do a 24-hour true-crime streaming marathon.

The company posted on Twitter:


We want to PAY one lucky crime lover $1,000 for bingeing 24 hours of crime documentaries STRAIGHT.

Are you brave enough?

Apply here:”

What documentaries will the service show?

Some of the documentaries listed on the Magellan TV website include:

  • The family: Inside the Manson cult
  • Murder on the Internet
  • Jonestown Paradise lost
  • Deadly dates
  • Tortured to death: Murdering the nanny
  • Killer in the family
  • The last confessions of the cannibal
  • One killer punch
  • Manson’s missing victims
  • Behind bars: The world’s toughest prisons
  • Bogeyman: Monsters among us
  • And many more

What do you have to do to be eligible?

According to the requirements posted by MagellanTV, in addition to being a bonafide true crime buff who will watch 24 hours worth of the true-crime documentaries the service streams, they also expect the person to post about their experience on social media.

According to the official requirements, MagellanTV is looking for a true-crime enthusiast who has all of the following:

  • A passion for all things true crime
  • Be able to handle the creepiest serial killer, the grizzliest details, and the haunting spookiness of the paranormal.
  • Be willing to stream it nonstop for 24 hours straight.
  • Will enthusiastically document their All-Night Crime Watch on their social channels.

What do you get?

The company says that: “Upon competition this individual will receive $1,000 cash, 1-year free membership to MagellanTV and three, 3-month memberships for your friends and family.”