Not Just Dangerous Strangers in the Neighborhood

Just in case you weren’t worried enough about the dangers outside right now, the news is reporting the invasion of “Murder Hornets.” Their scientific name is Vespa Mandarinia, which sounds a little less scary, but not much.

At 1.5 to 2 inches in length, it is the largest hornet in the world. It can sting multiple times. Just as you should teach your children not to approach strangers, you must teach them not to interact with any stinging insect.

Since the stinger is larger than the regular hornet, and because they sting multiple times, the poison of the Murder Hornet has been known to kill people. The pain is extraordinary, described as feeling like a hot nail driven through the skin. The stinger is large enough to pierce even the heaviest of clothes.

So, in addition to keeping aware of criminal activity in your area, keep an eye out for giant hornets and keep yourself safe.