Does anyone remember in the 90s something that was called phreaking? The first generation of hackers used things like whistles and bells to ‘hack’ into telecommunication devices. In the most innocent of ways, they tried to get free calls and long-distance. But others manipulated the system for their benefit, like accessing personal information, manipulating phone bills, and more.

The most famous hacker back in the day was Kevin Mitnick, who was charged with wire fraud, unauthorized access to a federal computer, and more. He served 46 months in prison in the late 90s, and ended up writing several books on phreaking and on his time hacking the federal government.

Phreaking is technically still around, though it has changed forms since Kevin did it. There are still people out there manipulating wires and phone lines in order to gain unlawful access to places they shouldn’t be. As long as someone can get in somewhere, they will.