If you’ve listened to President Trump speak at all, you’ve probably heard him use the term “Fake News.” For many people, unfortunately, fake news means anything that doesn’t agree with their own built-in biases and opinions.

However, if you want to check whether a news story or a site is really factual, there are a few ways to do it. Check to see if the website has an “About Us” section. Trustworthy sites will list who started the organization, what their credentials are, how they are funded, and if they have a particular leaning.

They may state why they started the site, and how they check their information. Then look up the founders and funding organizations from a third party to see if they are considered truthful.

Look to see if most of the pieces or posts are op-ed pieces, written to make a particular point. Many reputable sites will accept op-ed pieces from dissenters, but these articles are only opinion.

Articles will list sources, and quotes from legitimate experts. They will often have links to original or primary sources where you can read the quote in context and form your own opinion.

Remember, you should check the sites you look at regularly as well as those with opposing viewpoints.