Photo: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

It’s not often that parents of missing kids refuse to cooperate with investigators, but that’s exactly what these two newlywed parents did before they disappeared.

Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell disappeared after police attempted to do welfare checks Lori’s children in their home. The Rexburg Police Department in Idaho arrived at the home on November 26th, but Lori and Chad lied about their whereabouts.

The next day, police arrived with a search warrant but did not find anything suspicious. The couple left the area shortly after that, and authorities are still trying to find out if the children are safe.

They now also have questions regarding the death of Chad’s late wife.

Suspicious Circumstances

According to Gary Hagen, the Assistant Police Chief of the Rexburg Police Department, “I believe they were married within several weeks of when Chad’s wife had passed away, which is alarming and unusual as well. After they caught on that we were trying to do welfare checks into the children and were digging into it, they abruptly moved from their residence here.”

Chad’s wife, Tammy Daybell, died on October 19th at just 49 years of age. Her cause of death was initially ruled to be due to natural causes; however, her body has since been exhumed and is now being investigated as a suspicious death.

Lori’s husband also died just before Lori and Chad married. Lori’s brother shot and killed her estranged husband on July 11th. Her brother died just a few weeks ago, too.

Where Are The Children?

Lori’s children are Joshua Vallow, who is 7 years old and has autism, and his sister Tylee Ryan, who is 17. They are both presumed to be missing after police were not able to verify their welfare.

The couple had multiple opportunities to confirm the children were okay; however, they lied about their whereabouts and are now off the map. Police are hoping to locate Lori and Chad for questioning to ensure the children are safe.

The children’s grandparents are also asking that Lori contact them. Larry and Kay Woodcock FaceTimed with Joshua, who everyone calls “JJ” in August, but they have not seen or spoken to either of the children since.

The children’s grandfather pleaded, “Just show me JJ, show me Tylee, let us see that those kids are OK.”

Police are not charging the couple with anything at this time; they are simply wanted for questioning so that police can confirm that the children are safe. The couple has ties to Arizona, Utah, and Idaho.