The Bizarre Disappearance of TV Anchor Jodi Huisentruit


Jodi Huisentruit was a TV anchor for KIMT in Mason City, Iowa, in the mid-90s. She mysteriously vanished from outside her apartment one morning after telling a coworker she’d overslept. Huisentruit’s disappearance is one of the strangest missing person cases in recent history, as there is essentially zero physical evidence in the case.


Jodi Huisentruit was born in Long Prairie, Minnesota, on June 5, 1968. She was the youngest of her siblings and was an avid golfer during her high school years. Her high school team won state championships in 1985 and 1986, impressing her coaches and other schools alike. She went on to attend St. Cloud University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communications.

Huisentruit bounced around between local TV stations in Iowa after college, eventually settling in Mason City. She became an anchor on the morning news show for KIMT, becoming a local celebrity. She was known for her cheerful disposition and charming personality.

Sudden Disappearance

On June 27, 1995, Huisentruit’s coworker, morning show producer Amy Kuns, noticed that the anchor was late for work. She called Huisentruit’s apartment, and the 27-year-old told her producer that she’d overslept. Huisentruit explained that she was preparing to leave immediately and apologized for being late to work.

Two hours later, Jodi was still nowhere to be found. Amy Kuns took her spot on the morning show that morning, though she was worried about her coworker. After the show wrapped at 7:00, Kuns contacted the authorities and reported Huisentruit missing.


The police saw clear signs of a struggle in the parking lot in front of Huisentruit’s apartment. The key to her red Mazda Miata was found discarded near the car, visibly bent. Investigators found a palm print on the Miata but were unable to identify who left it.

Some of Huisentruit’s neighbors reported hearing screams early that morning. One even told the police that they saw a white van idling in the parking lot near Huisentruit’s car, but was unable to give authorities the license plate number.

Despite an extensive search, police have never identified a suspect in the case or found any evidence of Huisentruit’s whereabouts or ultimate fate. She was declared legally dead in 2001, but the investigation remains open.

Some online true crime enthusiasts have suggested that the Huisentruit case might have been covered up by the Mason City police department. Former state representative John Kooiker also shared this view in a 2016 interview with The N’West Iowa Review.

Huisentruit’s disappearance remains unsolved. The public may never know what happened to her that summer morning in 1995.