The Icebox Murders – Who Was Responsible?


Houston police officers performed a standard wellness check to the home of the elderly couple Fred and Edwina Rogers on June 23, 1965. The front door was wide open, but the couple was nowhere to be found.

After searching the home high and low the officers decided to head out and try again later. On his way out the door, one of the officers popped open the fridge door. He was instantly shocked.

What was in the Icebox?

Charles Bullock, the officer who pulled open the fridge that night recalls seeing nothing but meat stacked on every single shelf. At first, he assumed the couple had recently butchered a hog, but upon further investigation… it wasn’t a hog. Fred and Edwina’s heads were found in the vegetable drawer.

Evidence shows that Fred, 81, had his skull crushed while his 72-year-old wife was brutally beaten and then shot. Reports say Fred’s intestines were flushed down the toilet. Both of the bodies were dismembered with the skill of someone who had apparently butchered many animals before.

Who Was Responsible for the Grisly Murders?

No arrests were ever made in conjunction with the murders. The police had only one prime suspect: the couple’s 43-year-old son Charles. At the time of the murders, Charles disappeared without a trace. Quite the unusual response to have when one’s parents are butchered. Police never came up with any other suspects, nor was Charles ever heard from again.

Recently Houston locals Hugh and Martha Gardenier conjured up their own theory when it came to the investigation. They believe the son Charles was emotionally tormented by his parents from a young age. He purchased the home for his parents and was constantly barraged with payments for the loans his parents kept taking out in his name.

The Gardeniers believe Charles finally snapped from the emotional stress and murdered his parents. After the murders, he allegedly made his way to South America via Mexico where he continued to work and live to this day.

Without ever being able to find any concrete evidence the police never brought in any other potential suspects. To this day the crime remains unsolved and the fugitive is currently at large.