Strangest Suicide on Record, Things Don’t Quite Add Up as Expected


Jonathan Luna left work late December 3, 2003. Working as an assistant United States attorney, these hours were nothing new for the 38-year-old. He got in his car around 11:30 and headed to his home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Luna never made it home. His body was found in a stream the next morning with multiple stab wounds. He was also in Pennsylvania, nowhere near home. From there the story just gets more bizarre.

An ATM ticket from Delaware shows he withdrew $200. A toll road ticket covered in blood is found among his things. Was Luna already attacked before he crossed the border? Did he drive his killer around on his mysterious errands?

While Luna had been stabbed thirty-six times and had his throat cut, he actually died of drowning. Even weirder, the money he’d withdrawn back in Delaware was found untouched in his vehicle.

The back seat of his car was covered in his blood and the engine was still running when he was discovered.

A Swiss-Army Knife and Some Will Power

The man was clearly murdered, right? Yet, in a weird twist, the coroner believes Luna actually committed suicide. Yes, some investigators think Luna stabbed himself to death, even going as far as slitting his own throat. A Swiss-Army knife was found at the scene. They then believe he threw himself into the stream to drown.

If he truly did kill himself, why did he spend the night driving all over the place and withdrawing the cash? Couldn’t he have come up with a less painful ending for himself? Add to the fact that Luna’s life seemed to be in order and coworkers say his mental state seemed unchanged. Is it possible he was under the command of someone else who really wanted him to suffer?

The Assistant Attorneys Death Remains Unsolved

There have been no leads that have cleared up any of the mystery surrounding Jonathan Luna’s desk. No evidence or suspects were ever discovered which may be why some believe Luna himself is to blame.

Since 2003, this case remains one of the strangest unsolved murder or possible suicides ever. Investigators are still searching for clues.