In 2010, the body of MI6 agent Gareth Williams was found in a bag in the bathroom of the secret safe house he lived in. Williams, a Welsh mathematician, worked as a spy for the British government. Bizarrely, the bag his body was found in was padlocked from the outside.

His death was ruled an accident, a strange call that has perplexed some investigators. However, this ruling was made with regards to his particular personal life: Williams had an expensive collection of high-end, designer women’s clothing. He’d also had to be rescued by landlords in 2007 when tied himself to his bed for personal recreational reasons.

Williams was also known to have visited adult sites, though only sporadically. Attorneys for his family maintained there were likely visited in relation to his job working as a spy for the British government. In either event, he was considered a top-notch intelligence officer, and his death was a blow to the British government.


He was discovered in the safe house, a few hundred feet from the MI6 headquarters. A uniformed officer was let in by a government agent who had a key to the safe house, on the request of Williams’ sister, who had not seen him for a suspiciously long time. The apartment was mostly spotless and undisturbed.

The horrifying discovery in the bathroom notwithstanding, of course.

Williams’ bathroom contained a bag, surrounded by a pool of reddish liquid that was seeping from it. The body within, which belonged to Williams, was twisted into such an unnatural position that the officer believed his limbs must have been cut off. Williams had been dead for around a week by the time he was discovered, and his body was in bad condition by this point.

Investigation Encounters Hurdles

The heating in the apartment had been turned up. Police speculated that this may have been done by an assailant, in an attempt to hasten decomposition. The investigation encountered difficulty probing into Williams’ life, as he had high-level government clearances and many aspects of his professional life were top-secret. His death alarmed the UK Secret Intelligence Service, which swept in and took over the investigation.

The British government’s involvement in the investigation has raised questions about the ability of the investigators to actually determine what happened. There was some evidence that someone in the apartment with him may have assassinated him and stuffed him into the bag, then locked it, and left it in the bathtub.

So, what happened to him? It is unclear, exactly, what happened, though intelligence agencies may be aware of more details than the public. This has encouraged the theory that he may have been targeted by a rival spy agency. Others have suggested he may have been doing freelance espionage work, causing him to come into conflict with MI6 itself. The truth, however, may never become public knowledge.