West Mesa Bone Collector, Mass Murderer is On the Hunt Yet Again


A mass grave unearthed by construction workers in Albuquerque, New Mexico-July 2018 raises fears that a serial killer is back for more.

A Killer Strikes for a Second Time

This is the second time in a decade remains have been found in the same area and has locals fearful that the murderer is on the hunt yet again. In 2009 a citizen walking her dog discovered what turned out to be a shallow grave that held the bodies of eleven women. Several of these women were tied to a missing person’s report in the area.

The women in question were identified as local prostitutes who had disappeared between 2003-2005. One of the women was four months pregnant at the time of her death. There are still six women reported missing who authorities believe are linked to this case.

The recent discovery leads investigators to believe the body in question is another victim of the killer known as the West Mesa Bone Collector. He dumped his victims’ bodies on a high desert plateau just outside the city. The desolate area was the perfect location to avoid being seen.

The eleven bodies discovered in 2009 were spread across ninety-two acres and were in various degrees on decay. The age range of the women was fifteen and thirty-two and all of them were Hispanic. The official cause of all the deaths was “homicidal violence.” Basically, that means the coroner couldn’t determine one exact cause of death.

Despite Many Victims, a Killer Remains at Large

For such a large number of victims, there was not one witness to any of the murders. At least none that came forward. A complete lack of evidence at the burial site has left investigators completely stumped.

A private investigator on the scene, George walker started receiving cryptic phone calls after the grisly discovery in 2009. The caller taunted him and even sent emails about knowing who the killer was. Despite that, no leads have panned out.

Even with a more recent victim, the case has remained unsolved. There have been no new leads in the past year and evidence was not found on the newly discovered body.

Currently authorities believe perhaps a local pimp or drug dealer is to blame. Locals are hoping that no new victims are discovered and the torment on their town has come to an end.