Ulta vs. Unpaid Employees: Battle of the Brushes

Whenever you´re shopping at a beauty supply store, do you ever consider what it would take to work there?

Each beauty supply store is different and treats their employees differently… but what would you do if your employer made you work while off the clock?

Reasoning and Outcomes

Recently in California, there were four class-action lawsuits against Ulta beauty supply stores. The lawsuits consisted of employees suing for having to work off the clock.

The case alleged several violations of California´s wages and hour laws. The employees also mentioned in their case that Ulta required them to submit security checks and multiple work tasks while off the clock.

The case went on to say that employees were not allowed to take lunch breaks, were not paid for overtime worked, and sometimes were not paid their hourly wages.

A federal trial judge agreed with the Ulta employees and signed off on their settlement, which covered 23,767 members.