What Can You Spend Your Stimulus Check On To Help?

Here at Active Fugitives, we talk a lot about the amazing work that law enforcement does, from going back over decades-old cold cases to solve the crime, working with labs to implement new technology, and more. It’s not an easy job, no one can argue with that. If you’re like millions of other Americans right now and you’re thinking about what you should be spending your stimulus check on from the IRS, take a moment to think about those in your community working tirelessly to keep you safe.

Consider contacting your local law enforcement agency and asking what they need. Is it fabric masks, to lengthen the lifespan of their medical masks? Gloves? Would a dozen pizzas on a Friday night help everyone feel better?

Giving back to those who do so much to keep us safe is incredibly important, especially at a time like this. Even a few cases of soda, chips, and salsa for those working 12-hour shifts to snack on during their downtime could help with moral.