Your Things Are Not Safe: How Thieves Steal From Your Front Porch

With more and more people home, many are trying home meal delivery services instead of going to the grocery store every single day for a new meal. Which makes sense! But you need to beware – you shouldn’t just leave your packages outside until you feel like bringing them in. Not just because of foodborne illnesses and safe temperature zones, but because you could have it stolen right from under you.

This issue was only really prevalent during the holiday before now, but with the danger of going to the grocery store increasing, more and more people are eyeing those brightly labeled boxes as fair game. All thieves really have to do is cruise around neighborhoods in the afternoons, watching where the FedEx truck goes and keeping an eye open for boxes on porches.

It’s important to pay attention to your tracking, and pick up your package as soon as it’s delivered, not whenever you have an extra moment. If you have a secure place for your delivery driver to drop it off – a breezeway, or a carport – putting that into the delivery instructions can help a lot.

Don’t be fooled thinking no one is going to want your meal delivery like they want your Amazon packages… people are more interested than ever before in a fast, free meal.